Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Road Trip 2012, Chapter 4: Before and After, Part II

Howdy, folks. Joining you from the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas! It's been a while since my last entry, but I thought I'd continue with the theme of showing you some former, early 20th-century post offices along with their current counterparts. Here's the first part of this series in case you missed it.

Murfreesboro, TN post office
Murfreesboro, TN post office

I wasn't able to get any information from any local clerks or police offices about where the invariable former post office might be, but the design of what was now the arts center screamed "old post office":
Old Murfreesboro, TN post office

The cornerstone with "Secretary of the Treasury" confirmed this 1909 masterpiece as a P.O. I went inside and the folks allowed me to photograph. Here's the lobby:
Old Murfreesboro, TN post office lobby

When the post office moved out, the building became the town's main library. The children's reading room was in the basement, which I'm sure spooked them a bit. Now it's used as prop and other storage for the arts center. So ladies and gentlemen, something you've always wanted to see -- the basement of an old post office!
Old Murfreesboro, TN post office basement

No one could figure out what the ladder leading to the basement from the Postmaster's office was for. Any ideas?
Old Murfreesboro, TN post office basement ladder

The 1913 former site of the Lebanon, Tennessee post office is now a county building:
Old Lebanon, TN post office

The newer Lebanon post office is less glamorous.
Lebanon, TN post office

They even have a carrier annex now:
Lebanon, TN Carrier Annex

Dickson, Tennessee has a 1936 facility that's no longer in use. (I'm not sure what its present purpose is, actually.)
Old Dickson, TN post office

Here's the more modern, early-'90s edition Dickson post office:
Dickson, TN post office

Pocahontas, Arkansas's old [1936] post office is now the local newspaper, the Star Herald:
Old Pocahontas, AR post office; now Pocahontas Star Herald building

Here's the interior:
Old Pocahontas, AR post office lobby
Old Pocahontas, AR post office lobby

The newer Pocahontas post office is more on the outskirts of town.
Pocahontas, AR post office

Until next time..!