Sunday, January 10, 2021

2020 Postal Summary

What to say... I was able to visit 201 [new-to-me] post offices in 2020—a frustratingly low count—for a total of 10,195 post offices. 161 of those came during January and February during a trip to southern California. So what happened that made the rest of the year so unproductive? America kind of dropped the ball. Then America kicked the ball under the couch. Then America burned the house down entirely.

So, I'm going to keep this year's summary short and sweet, with just a couple of photos this time around.

(Note: All ten of my prior annual postal summaries can be found here: 2010—2019.)

This year's travels included two trips:
1. California: Los Angeles to Santa Barbara (14 days, 160 new post offices)
2. New York: Hudson Valley and Catskills (7 days, 38 new post offices + ~ a dozen revisits)

I had the privilege of visiting my 10,000th post office: Century Station, a New Deal beauty in Culver City, California, on January 31. Here I am outside:

Here I am one fine day in August wearing a mask at the Empire State Plaza Station post office in Albany.

Wear your damn mask

2020 By the Numbers

I visited as many as 27 post offices (of which 25 were new) in one day this year. State by state:

California: 160 post offices
Focus/Foci: Los Angeles area, including San Fernando Valley; Santa Barbara

New York: 39 post offices
Northern Capital Region; the Catskills

→ I also revisited a dozen post offices in southern California, and maybe 30 post offices in New York (NYC, Long Island, and Upstate) to obtain better / updated photos.

Counting Counties:
I visited one new county in 2020: Santa Barbara County, California.

As ever, thank you for your continued support—especially if you took Wheel of Fortune's advice and got yourself one of these:

Postlandia calendar

(Oy, that photo is definitely in need of some color correction; but no, I did not make that up!)

-- E