Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coasting Along

A friend last week complained that while she's from California, I barely cover any post offices from the West Coast. That's partly because I rarely get the opportunity to head out there! (A situation I hope to soon rectify.) That said, here are some photos from northwestern California from my 2008 jaunt.

Arcata is a college town in Humboldt County (read: lots of weed?). I spent a night there, had some good pizza made by a guy from Brooklyn, and was there in time for a pictorial celebrating the 150th anniversary of the town!

Arcata, California post office:

Here's Bayside. There's a Bayside in Queens, NY, too. Apparently they keep getting a lot of our mail.

Bayside, California post office

Fields Landing was a quaint, small post office (serving an equally small population of not-quite 300 people) with a patriotically colored sign.

Fields Landing, California post office

Loleta, the next town down, is on a road along the train tracks. Unfortunately the view was obstructed by a pickup, but what can you do?

Loleta, California post office

Ferndale was a booming city during the 1880s, and you can find a great shopping street lined with Victorian buildings to this day. The town's got a nice art scene and I picked up something for my mother at an antiques store there. The post office, interestingly enough, possesses one of those old pole-mounted collection boxes!

Ferndale, California post office



  1. These pics are great! good ol Cali.

  2. I just had some time to check back in. I like your California collection. As for the pickup truck in front of Loleta, well sometimes I just wait it out. Of course this is not always possible.

    Post Office Freak