Monday, November 8, 2010

Fairfield, OH: A Nice Touch

The Fairfield, Ohio post office [a branch of Hamilton], north of Cincinnati, did something nice for its community's 50th year of incorporation: it had five large murals painted on its front and side, documenting some aspects of the pre-/history of the town.

Here are a few more images [click the thumbnails to enlarge]:
'1955-2005: Our Golden Year'

Another interesting thing about this office: It features a drive-through stamp window! It's no longer in use, but this was the third I've seen (after Laconia, NH: Lakeside Station, and Moultonborough, NH). P.S. Those 'bricks' you see on the side of the building? They're actually painted on.

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  1. Spending the afternoon looking at your photos. I really like this one. I'm also amazed at the condition. Do you know if they are protected with glass or something.