Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Postal Service has a Lot of Exes...

Here are some former postal sites I've visited of late. Two I had the pleasure of visiting yesterday afternoon in conjunction with a visit to Valley Forge, northwest of Philadelphia.

First up is a post office that was discontinued at some point within the last ten years, a branch of Phoenixville, PA: Mont Clare. Thanks to the OIC of nearby Oaks for telling me where this former site is. Now just a residence, the former postal site is apparent by the handicapped ramp.

Former Mont Clare, PA post office

Fortunately the Phoenixville post office, a stately 1923 facility, isn't far away at all.

Phoenixville, PA post office

I just knew there had to be a grand former post office in Pottstown, PA somewhere. The 1915 behemoth I found on the south side of Main Street, which is now a library, did not disappoint. The cornerstone, bearing "Secretary of the Treasury" on it, was sufficient evidence to prove this was once a P.O.

Former Pottstown, PA Main Post Office

Gotta love when former post offices are still used for civic purposes!

The present Pottstown facility, which is just down the road, is rather bland in comparison.

Pottstown, PA: present post office

Here's a map of the situation:

The Pennsburg branch post office of Red Hill was discontinued a month before I arrived there; it closed September 9, 2011. The vestiges of its signage are still apparent on the former site:

Las Vegas's Strip Station was a casualty of the old SBOC initiative, which ended with the closure of around 160 stations and branches around the country. Google Street View shows the former post office in its pre-March 2011 glory:

Las Vegas, NV: Strip Station post office

I discovered that the site, as currently stands, is less than overwhelming. Heck, it appears to be a construction zone for a new casino parking garage or something.


  1. Evan it was such a pleasure meeting you a few weeks back while your parents were guests at the Chestnut Hill Hotel and after reading older posts on your blog I believe I've fallen in love! (: What you're doing is simply amazing! Keep up the great work! & send my Hello's to your parents who were just wonderful!

  2. What have you been up to? Email me!