Thursday, April 28, 2011

DPO'd: Trenton Edition

Two Trenton post offices have officially hit the chopping block. Anticipating this I took a trip down to visit both of them last week. (I had a couple of days off work, so why not?)

The Yardville Branch post office will close May 20. This is disappointing because the clerk there is appreciative of philately and had plenty of commemorative stamps on-hand. She was proud of her assortment. My apologies to the next customer who might have wanted the new Civil War stamp issue -- I bought her out.

The Mercerville post office, which is listed as an alternate location to Yardville and which I also visited, had DISGRACEFULLY long lines. Other customers during my 20-minute wait informed me that such was commonplace. At the very least it could use that clerk from Yardville for reinforcement.

Here is the Yardville post office:

Trenton's Chambersburg Station, which will close July 1, is located in a low-wealth neighborhood though it appeared to be well used. The clerk there was very nice and even had a brand new postmark dater. Ultimately it's just another one-person post office that seems to be seen as "disposable".

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