Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mismatched Capitals

And, it's been a while. That's what the final semester at grad school will do to you. I suppose there's time for a brief post, and I've long thought it might be fun to show y'all a few state capitals... or are they?

There are dozens of examples of this, to be sure (most notably the case of Springfield); here are just a few that I've visited.

1. Santa Fe, Tennessee post office

About an hour southwest of Nashville, Santa Fe is near the Natchez Trace Parkway, one of several quaint isolated post offices I visited in central Tennessee back in '09. Got to Santa Fe just as they were picking up the daily mail; you can see the truck reflected in the front window.

2. Boston, Kentucky post office

Just southeast of the massive Fort Knox, and 40 minutes south of Louisville. It had been a beautifully misty morning in rural Kentucky, though it had become sunny by the time I arrived in this quaint little town, which featured a gas station and general store. The post office is on its own little side road, Post Office Court.

3. Providence, Utah post office

Back in 2008, after meeting some wonderful folks in Oregon, I was invited to stay with them in northern Utah. Of course I took them up on it. As part of their tour of the area they took me to a handful of local post offices, including that of Providence. Other great sites included the rich autumn foliage in Cache Valley.

4. Madison, New Jersey post office

As part of my spring 2011 New Jersey Saturday Postal Run series, I visited Madison, a grand building along a main street across from an equally grand train station. Their carrier annex, a few blocks away, was much more reserved.

Madison, NJ Carrier Annex:

5. Springfield, Vermont post office

My very first post office of 2012 was in Springfield, a gorgeous New England mill town in a valley along a river. The building was constructed in 1935:

Springfield, Vermont's claim to fame was winning a nationwide contest that won it the premiere of The Simpsons Movie back in 2007. Their mayor rolled a giant doughnut down Main Street! A souvenir of that is in the Chamber of Commerce, down the road from the P.O.

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