Friday, June 24, 2011

2,000 Post Offices

Back in November I documented my 1,500th post office visited in this GP entry.

500 post offices later I've nearly finished with Suffolk County, and added a lot in New Jersey. Over 7 months, that's a bit more than 2.3 post offices visited per day, or a rate of 840 post offices visited per year.

On Tuesday I visited 24 post offices, bringing my count to 2,004. I visited all post offices on the North Fork of Long Island and several from Long Island's south shore. The map below shows the string I covered, including the two offices of Shelter Island:

During the day I visited several amazing, small offices that you would not expect to find on Long Island, and I'll document them in future posts.

The official 2,000th post office was that of Mastic Beach, a nice office featuring a full-out "[Town Name], L.I., N.Y." sign, on blue trim, atop white brick. Can anyone else think of places besides those on Long Island which feature a clarifying location before the state abbreviation?


  1. My total is way ahead of yours, but your annual average is way ahead of mine!

  2. My average lies around 2 new offices a day over what's now nearly three years. Sadly it's not fast enough to keep up with all the closures.

  3. Congratulations on #2000! I have a long way to go!!!