Sunday, June 19, 2011

DPO'd: Newport KY Edition

The postal service appears to have given the general public a full four days' notice in publicizing the decision to shutter two stations in northern Kentucky. The town of Newport is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

USPS's Cincinnati District is highly aggressive in closing its offices, and has been running roughshod over its stations in Cincinnati, Dayton, and northern Kentucky. Of all cities in America, Cincinnati has seen the largest number of post office closures. More about that in this GP entry.

Newport's Spence Station, featured in this GP post, was open from 8 A.M. to noon on weekdays and, being in such close proximity to the Newport Main Post Office, its closure was rather inevitable.

The clerk in Newport's Dayton Branch was proud of her post office: it was colored red, white, and blue. She made a special effort to assist this postmark collector, which was very much appreciated.

The two offices were discontinued May 27, 2011.

Furthermore, the author discovered the closure of Newport's contract branch at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) the hard way: while it was listed online, the office had already been closed for more than a month. Its date of discontinuance was August 27, 2010.

The branch was located in the basement of NKU's University Center:

The orange sign above the window reads: "Northern Kentucky University // 41099". The yellow sign on the door states: "NOTICE OF CLOSURE // This Post Office station will close PERMANENTLY Friday, August 27, 2010 // 2 pm // We regret any inconvenience."

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