Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change of Venue: Palisades Park, NJ

At the corner of Broad St. and Homestead Ave. lies a construction site:

The landlord of 201 Broad St. in Palisades Park, NJ evicted the post office last September, and in the building's stead is a giant hole in the ground. According to a sign on that particle board fence, a two-story ["reinvention of downtown Palisades Park"] office building is coming.

Here is the Google Maps Street View of the former post office site at 201 Broad:

The office has since moved four and a half blocks to the first floor of this building. It has hardwood floors, P.O. Boxes, and two friendly clerks. At 117 W. Central St. Suite A, the entrance is at the left of the building, not under the main awning.

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