Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taste of Downtown Boston

There have been no posts for a few days, partly because the author has been hard at work renovating the website for the Post Mark Collectors Club [PMCC]. See all the group has to offer at!

I visited Boston a lot last summer, and here are some photos I took during a day of exploring and walking to 13 post offices in the downtown area.

Boston, MA: Hanover St. Station

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  1. That's a walk, from the North End to Kenmore Square and the South End! My longest post office walk was on a cold January day, also in the Boston area, to 15 post offices, from Arlington into Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline and Allston. My first visit to Kenmore Sx was part of that walk. My biggest walking total, but probably a somewhat shorter walk, was 19 in Manhattan once.