Thursday, December 29, 2011

No, it hasn't closed! Postal Bulletin botches one

By and large, only folks within the Postal Service read the bi-weekly Postal Bulletin. Heck, they're supposed to read it because the Bulletin informs them of all new postal regulations changes. Regardless, Bulletin issues are available to the general public and I follow each new issue closely to find out whether any changes affect my hobby-work, which post offices USPS wants to announce the closure of (after the fact) this time around, and see what interesting pictorial cancels I might want to mail out for in coming weeks.

The Address Management section (namely Post Office Changes, the list of closures) has been very large of late, and the current edition's notes the discontinuance of 11 offices in Alabama. Among the closures was a very bizarre entry:

This announcement states that the West York post office, a branch of York, was officially discontinued September 10, 2011. There's just one problem, and it's one I'll admit to never having seen before in a Postal Bulletin -- it's not closed. I know this because I was sitting in their parking lot on November 22, listening as my NPR interview aired. I got their postmark and, of course, photos of the office, too.

The West York post office is in a strip mall and open from 8AM to 6PM weekdays, and 9-2 Saturday. I can't think of any reason they would close this in the near future.

York, PA: West York Branch post office:

I'm open to the possibility that I might be missing something... Do any readers have ideas as to how this happened?

(Also, if the appropriate person is reading this, the phone number listed on the USPS locator tool for the York, PA Main Post Office is "no longer in service", as is the White Pages phone number listing for a popular CPU, Weis Market #71. That should probably be rectified. Furthermore, the New Salem post office is woefully misplaced on the map, and is not actually located adjacent to the West York location. See below:)


  1. Two possibilities - the branch was not closed but perhaps converted to a CPU (which means it is no longer a branch)
    The branch was reclassified in some manner related to the new classification regulations.

    Try a FOIA for documents related to reclassification or closure of a station or branch. There may be something in there to clarify it.

    Local authorities may not be anxious to advertise the matter if it has become a cpu.

  2. I'll be sure to investigate this further (I wasn't able to reach ANY post office in York this morning by phone), but I don't think anything has happened to it -- it's a full-service office with a 24-hour lobby and an APC, and it was most certainly a classified branch before September and as late as November 22. And it's still listed as one presently.

  3. The other possibility is you've stumbled across one of those instances where they release the closure letter before they actually do the study.
    There have been a couple instances where customers were sent the closure letter instead of the procedure letter by mistake.
    There is a great deal of disorganization and disarray at the moment. It's easy to see how that could happen...