Sunday, July 31, 2011

Taste of Portland [Maine]

Mid-2011 once again finds Portland, ME's Station A targeted for closure. The office was first slated on the Consolidation Hit List, and has been named on USPS's new Village Post Office Study List.

(I should really get on that huge news soon, shouldn't I? You've read about it, I'm sure. I do have some insight and inside info.)

In any case, this Going Postal blogger teamed up with two juggernauts of post office visits and postmark collecting to visit post offices on the shores and some islands of Maine: ferries and all. Add yet more posts to pend.

For now, I'll present the stations of Portland, Maine:

First, the Main Office:

Yet another beautiful office from the '30s. Adjacent is the facility that comprises the Maine District Office [the Maine Office, next to the main office?], which is responsible for post offices of all northern New England: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

The Portland Main Post Office, Station A, and Downtown Station are unusually close: a trip encompassing all three offices can be accomplished with 0.9 miles of total travel:

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Station A is about 2,000 feet from the Main Post Office, and the Downtown Station is about half a mile from Station A.

Now, onto pictures!

Portland, ME: Station A

Portland, ME: Downtown Station

Portland, ME: JET Video CPU

The Downtown Station is part of a building and open area known as Post Office Square. There's also a nearby Post Office Plaza. JET Video is northwest of downtown, and features a video store, ice cream counter, and the CPU. It's actually near a second, nondescript CPU in a Rite Aid -- the second I've been to in such a setting. (The first being the Whitestone CPU in Queens, NY.)


  1. Station A is 2000 feet from the Main Post Office? In my humble opinion, though I don't want to see any post offices close, the ones in close proximity to another should be first on the list before they start hurting the people of rural communities. That main Maine building is gorgeous.

  2. There are many more USPS post office desks in supermarkets, pharmacies, and UPS stores in Portland, ME. The USPS website has a post office locator that lists them all. You might just mention that there are others.

    It would be helpful if you added addresses to the photo captions.

    Your map here shows A, B, and C labels without a legend.

    Hope this helps.

    David Spector
    Portland, Maine

  3. I do appreciate the information; however, while the USPS locator might note Alternative Access sites (that is, places to buy stamps) in its efforts to steer customers away from its employee-staffed operations, I cannot consider them post offices in the true sense of the word. I only document CPUs (which offer most common mailing services) or USPS-staffed units.