Monday, March 14, 2011

Of General Interest; Nassau County

A note to puzzlers: This Sunday's (March 13) New York Times Magazine crossword is of interest to postal employees and philatelists alike: the title is "Reverend Spooner, U.S.P.S.", with the theme being postal-themed spoonerisms:

"[Reverend Spooner] is remembered for a peculiar speech error he was wont to make: the transposition of the initial letters (sounds) of adjoining words, often with humorous results."

For example: 'Climb down' and 'dime clown' are spoonerisms.

One example of a postal-themed spoonerism might be (but isn't, in the puzzle) 'postmarks' and 'most parks'. Perhaps I'll post the theme clues and answers another time, but I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now if anyone's interested in working on the puzzle now.

In other news, I completed a personal milestone this Saturday, having now visited and obtained the postmark each of the ~85 post offices in Nassau County (Long Island). The final office? Farmingdale's South Farmingdale Branch, pictured here:

P.S. 50 posts!

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