Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Postal Summary

I've finally fully updated my spreadsheet of post office visits and can declare with certainty that I visited 1,253 [new-to-me] operating postal facilities in 2011; an average of 104 a month or 3.4 per day over the year. The year-end total is 2,825, which doesn't quite jive with last year's figure... I think I realized that I forgot a couple days' visits and logged them in this year. Not bad considering I've had a job and graduate work. This count compares with 768 back in 2010. My only regret is that this year's assortment represents less geographic diversity than in previous years.

Furthermore, I visited a total of 1,298 facilities, if independent APC locations, Box Units, and the former sites of discontinued post offices are included in the count. Though even this does not include the fact that, say, I photographed the former (WPA) Olyphant, PA post office in addition to its present setting.

The former Olyphant, PA post office ... and its present site since 1983

So, let's have the state rundowns! We're using the official, lower count (1,253) here.

Pennsylvania: 484
Focus/Foci: All over the state. (+18 DPOs = 502 new visits overall)

New Jersey: 261
The NYC—Philadelphia corridor, down to Vineland

New York: 193
Suffolk County; Albany, the last day of the year

Massachusetts: 79
Berkshire and Hampshire counties (the first week of the year); Cape Ann

Maryland: 67
Eastern shore; Frederick area

Maine: 56
Southeast coast

Rhode Island: 36
Providence; I-95 corridor

Connecticut: 27
Southeast CT

Delaware: 25
Wilmington, "inland" Delaware

Vermont: 16
Southern VT (including my first PO visit in the state)

Virginia: 8
Northern DelMarVa: Virginia

West Virginia: 1


  1. I believe you went to some Franklin County, MA during the first week of 2011, too.

  2. Yeah, but only a few -- it wasn't one of the postal foci.