Thursday, February 10, 2011

Centering in...

I'm pleased to report that this blog received the astounding sum of 225 hits on February 7. Seems like there are plenty of bagel lovers out there!

Back during my 2008 cross-country road trip, I had the pleasure of visiting the geographic centers of both the 50 United States (northwest of Belle Fourche, SD) and the 48 contiguous states (just northwest of Lebanon, KS). I happened to visit the latter at dusk on a Saturday and left a note at the office asking for a postmark (which came back and was quite nice).

When I visited the town, I noticed that many of the buildings were abandoned, decrepit, and falling apart. In fact, a building just next door to the post office had been bulldozed (see photo, below). Since it's at the geographic center of the 48 states, could one call this the "collapse of Middle America"?

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