Friday, February 25, 2011

DPO'd: Bridgeton, NJ & General Edition

Today marks the known last day of many offices around the country. As of tomorrow, these post offices will cease to exist:
  • Boston, MA: Logan Airport Retail
  • Bridgeton, NJ: East Side Sta.
  • Gary, IN: Brunswick Station
  • Indianapolis, IN: West Indianapolis Sta.
  • Las Vegas, NV: Strip Sta.
For those interested parties, here are some further updates I've compiled from USPS news releases and local news reports from around the country:
  • Akron, OH: Maple Valley Station closed Feb. 19
  • Ashley, PA [branch] closing March 26
  • Boston, MA: Boston University Sta. closed Feb. 11
  • Bridgeton, NJ: Seabrook Branch closing Mar. 25
  • Bronx, NY: Crotona Park Station closing April 22
  • Cincinnati, OH: Cumminsville Sta. closed Jan. 31
  • Cincinnati, OH: East End Sta. Station closed Jan. 31
  • Cincinnati, OH: Madisonville Sta. closing March 1
  • Cincinnati, OH: Newtown Branch closing March 1
  • Cincinnati, OH: Reed Hartman Sta. closed Jan. 31
  • Eugene, OR: EMU Sta. closed Jan. 14
  • Fort Smith, AR: Rogers Ave. Station closing March 26
  • Little Rock, AR: Aerospace Finance closed Feb. 11
  • Little Rock, AR: Pleasant Ridge Sta. closing March 26
  • Macon, GA: Macon Mall Sta. closed Feb. 15
  • Roanoke, VA: Williamson Road Sta. to close March 20
  • San Antonio, TX: Cresthaven Sta. closing April 2
  • San Antonio, TX: Nimitz Sta. closing March 19
  • San Antonio, TX: Station A closing Apil 16
  • Spartanburg, SC: Pinewood Sta. closing March 16
  • Syracuse, NY: Carousel Center Sta. closing Apil 1
  • Syracuse, NY: Elmwood Sta. closed Jan. 28
  • Warner Robins, GA: North Sta. closed Feb. 15
  • Willingboro, NJ: Willingboro Plaza Sta. closed Feb. 11

I made the point of visiting southern New Jersey last weekend to visit the two offices in Bridgeton that are getting discontinued. Here are their photos:

Bridgeton, NJ: East Side Station
Less than one driving mile from the main Bridgeton post office. MANY box users; two people in line before me when I visited on Tuesday; just insufficient to justify its existence so close to the main PO. When I visited the main Bridgeton office, workers were installing new PO boxes to replace those that would be lost from the East Side Station.

Bridgeton, NJ: Seabrook Branch
A very photogenic office. It used to share the building with a bank, which then closed. I couldn't determine a discernible residential community that it served; Deerfield Street (yes, that's the name of the town) post office less than two miles away.

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