Friday, August 12, 2011

It begins.

Unfortunately I've been too busy to post much original material. In any case, the shift to a new postal paradigm has begun: the post office of Malone, Washington was closed August 10, replaced with a VPO August 11. Here's the full story from American Public Media.

This is among 3,600 post offices USPS would like to close by the end of this year, further advancing its own perceived social irrelevance. Or as I call it, "Death by 3.6 Thousand Cuts". Save the Post Office demonstrates USPS's doctoring of numbers and data to further its aims of postal discontinuances in this fantastic entry.

Meanwhile, the sign designating "United States Post Office // Malone WA 98559" should really be preserved as a historic item, but common postal protocol is to throw it into the wood-chipper. We'll see what happens.

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