Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Hit List

Here are four post offices from southwestern Pennsylvania that are on the block for potential closure. I visited all four of these yesterday, so they were all closed and I don't have any stories. What I can say is these post offices represent the primary meeting points of their respective communities. I did not see any businesses in ANY of these communities, so there would not be any locations for a potential VPO.

Lake Lynn is a 3.4-mile drive from the Point Marian post office, across a river. New Geneva and Martin are relatively close together, but both represent independent communities. Ronco is 2.7 miles from the Masontown post office.

Lake Lynn, PA:

New Geneva, PA:

Martin, PA: (Look at the great old mailbox!)

Ronco, PA:


  1. Nice! And all handicapped accessible, too!

  2. Not positive in Martin's case. You'd be rolling on the grass at an angle for a little bit.

  3. Yes, that's what struck me, how it appears to be just barely accessible.

    That, and there sure aren't many of those boxes anymore!