Saturday, August 20, 2011

Need a Lift?

The post office in Woodstown, New Jersey [or perhaps the Southern New Jersey District Office?] takes the Americans with Disabilities Act very seriously. There wasn't enough physical space to place an appropriately pitched ramp, so instead they installed a lift! There's a side door into the retail lobby just for the lift. Even better, there's an awning covering it all in case of rain!

Woodstown, NJ Post Office:

Only postal employees can operate the lift. Customers in need can summon a clerk with a bell / buzzer at the base. The clerk comes out and assists, and also helps them back down once they've completed their business.

I heard the lift gets used about once every two weeks. When the lift was out of commission, a temporary postal trailer was placed in a nearby parking lot to assist these users. Talk about dedication!

1. I thought it would be fun to buzz someone so I could ride the lift myself and see just how it works, but then thought better of it.

2. Just did more research, apparently an interesting incident occurred at this facility back in January.

3. If you've had the desire to live above a post office, this could be your chance! Looks like there are three apartments upstairs.

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  1. The Woodstown, NJ post office is rather special to me. It's on the route I've been taking to my grandmother's house for nearly 30 years- and it's in the town my late mother went to High School in.

    Thank you for visiting it! I hope it'll still be around to take my kids to :D