Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Really Small Post Office?

This will be a simple post. (The author has to prepare for classes, which start this week!)

A few miles down the road from Woodstown, NJ (subject of my previous post) is Harrisonville. I think every community has something to offer if you visit it. In this case, it's a spot of humor.

The Harrisonville Post Office has a nice hand-painted sign across the top of its 'porch': red, white, and blue:

But that's not the funny one. When a local, walking down the street, saw me documenting the post office and a farm scene down the road, she directed me to the Harrisonville welcome sign, which leads one to believe that the town is very small, indeed:

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  1. This sign was stolen, I believe, in August, 1968 on the day there was an explosion at DuPont Chamber Works in Deepwater, NJ. It killed 3 men, one of them my uncle. Another uncle of mine witnessed the theft, but was on his way to my grandparents' house, having just received the bad news. I was 4 or 5 at the time. Is this the original sign or a copy of it? Either way, I am glad to see it again.