Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Revisiting: Trenton Edition

The author just moved to Philadelphia yesterday. I visited a few new POs along the way and revisited two facilities that have been covered in this blog and recently discontinued: Trenton's Yardville Branch and Chambersburg Station. Thought there might be some nice new urban renewal projects or delis opening up in these shuttered POs. Let's see what we found:

Yardville; three months after discontinuance: Nothing. In fact, its lease expires March 31, 2013, so this spot will be doing absolutely nothing for the community other than looking abandoned for some time to come. The sign on the door defers people to Trenton's Main Post Office. Driving distance: 2.5 miles.
Chambersburg; 1.5 months after discontinuance: Nothing. Guess when their lease expires: 9/30/2018. In essence, a poor community that has been told they're not worth USPS's while, and they'll probably have to sit with this empty lot for seven long years. They have to find transportation to the Independence Station P.O., 2.1 miles away. There are two other, busier offices, at a similar proximity.

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