Monday, May 2, 2011

Found: A Postal Drive-Through

I finally found something for which I had been looking for a long time: an active drive-through stamp window at a post office. I had seen several instances before in which the window was no longer in use (notably in Fairfield, OH and a couple of sites in New Hampshire); but this is the first time I've documented such a site in action.

(Actually, that's not entirely true: I believe Laconia, NH's Lakeport Station does possess an active window; but I wasn't in the habit of documenting all the offices I visited at the time.)

I visited this, the Ridge, NY post office during a recent postal run in which I postally covered a large part of northern and central Long Island. In this photo, the pickup at the left side of the building is at the window, and the driver is purchasing stamps.


  1. in view of COVID, are there more now? I want to MAIL packages....?

    1. There are others I've encountered since I wrote this story, but no new ones as a consequence of COVID.