Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taste of Palm Coast, FL

Palm Coast, Florida lies about 20 miles south of St. Augustine on the state's northeast coast. There are three post offices (one classified, two contract) within its limits, though they are all branches of Flagler Beach. (Thanks, Kelvin.) Its 'main' [branch] post office is large with common modern postal signage, and a warehouse of carriers in the back.

The town maintains two CPUs. The Shell Contract Station lies in a gas station two miles from the Main Post Office.

The Hammock CPU at the Adult Education Center lies on a barrier island, and represents the island's only postal services for many miles. There was a $2 one-way toll to reach the CPU when I visited the office back in 2009.

Here's a map: A represents the Palm Coast Main Post Office and B is the Hammock CPU.

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Here are some photos:

Palm Coast, FL: Hammock CPU

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