Sunday, September 25, 2011

On the Hit List: Northern NJ, Part 1

Here are some post offices in northern New Jersey that are on the Diminished "Expanded Access" study list.

1. Edison, NJ: Menlo Park Station post office

It's in the back of a huge mall. In fact, here I've corrected the Google Maps positioning of it so it's now actually where the map says it is:

It's probable that its fate comes down to usage. Generally speaking it's really tough to find this place, assuming you know it exists. And I'm guessing many potential customers don't, especially because the signage is really muted. Even I didn't see the post office the first two times I drove by this spot. View the larger picture for yourself:

The address of the location: 100 Menlo Park Mall, Ste. 101, doesn't help either (a frequent issue with mall post offices, in my view). What do you think?

2. New Brunswick, NJ: Handy Street Station post office

Frankly I'm a bit surprised this is still around, because it's about a half-mile from the New Brunswick Main PO. I'm guessing slews of people wouldn't know this exists if they haven't driven past it. Even if they have driven past it, it looks more like a warehouse than a post office.

That said, there were two other customers in line when I visited the PO, so I'm sure its fate comes down to revenue.

3. Clifton, NJ: Delawanna Station post office

This is a section of New Jersey that has what's basically a grid of post offices, about one each mile in every direction. Regardless, this is a reasonably populated area, and there were five other customers there while I was in line. That would be a shame to close.

(Foodies: This is the post office nearest Rutt's Hut hot dogs!)

4a. Elizabeth, NJ: Roselle Branch post office

It maintains absolutely no signage for some reason. It serves an independent community. Need I say more?

4b. Elizabeth, NJ: Roselle Park Branch post office

If you look at the Roselle and Roselle Park post offices on a map, they are spatially only 1,500 feet apart. Obvious closure, right? Not so: the two towns are separated by a railroad line that bifurcates the local street network, so driving distance is actually 0.6 miles when you consider the nearest track crossing. Still rather close, but two distinct communities deserve two post offices. I highly doubt USPS would close both of these. So if one's going, which half of town are they gonna pick on?

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  1. It looks like Roselle will stay open. It has carriers while Roselle Park does not; its carriers are based out of the Elizabeth Office. Expect RP to close by the Spring.