Friday, September 16, 2011

What's closed? Talbot County, Maryland

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First off, here's the post office of St. Michaels, MD:

The Saint Michaels, MD post office used to maintain two Community Post Offices (CPOs), but now has none. The first CPO, McDaniel, MD, shared a striking blue building with a flower shop, just off Rt. 33, and closed in 2005. Here's that location as it stands today...

Former site -- St. Michaels, MD: McDaniel Post Office [CPO]

The second CPO closed April 30, 2011, and was located in the side of someone's house [10463 Claiborne Landing Rd.]. Boxes were moved to the nearby Village Hall (which was just converted from a church and inaugurated this year; packages too large to fit in such are picked up at the St. Michaels post office.

Former site -- St. Michaels, MD: Claiborne Post Office [CPO]

The independent Neavitt Post Office, south of Bozman, MD, closed Sept. 19, 2003 due to damage incurred by Hurricane Isabel; it never reopened.

Easton, MD is the area's largest town, boasting nearly 15,000 residents. For four years Easton's Tastee Freez ice cream shop on Rt. 50 [8356 Ocean Gateway] housed a Contract Postal Unit (CPU), but that closed June 30, 2011. The shop has just changed ownership and the maintenance of a CPU wasn't feasible, and the post office generally did not succeed at expanding the shop's core business. In fact, the need to maintain a qualified postal clerk at all times and to immediately accommodate any postal customers often impeded on the business's ability to serve its other customers. For the time being a blue collection box resides outside Tastee Freez's southern entrance.

Former site -- Easton, MD: Tastee Freez Post Office [CPU]

Potential Closures:
Sherwood, MD Post Office:

The Sherwood, MD post office is currently being studied as part of USPS's "Expanded Access" initiative, and could be closed within the next few months.

Similarly, Easton, MD's Eastern Shore Processing and Distribution Facility could be shuttered as part of USPS's recently announced mail-slowing processing plant-eliminating proposal.

Eastern Shore P&DF / Easton Processing and Distribution Facility

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