Friday, September 2, 2011

More about the Northeast?

As I've commented once before, I'm a bit disappointed that this blog doesn't cover a geographically uniform distribution of post offices through the country. However, since most of the post offices I've visited span just Ohio to Maine, those are the ones that get largely covered in this blog.

So this evening I present to you yet more New England -- okay, so it's the town [post office] of New England, North Dakota, a town of 600 in the southwest part of the state. The name stems from the fact that most early settlers to the town were from Vermont and Massachusetts. Don't know why they chose to move. In any case, enjoy!

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  1. Why did they move? They were looking for better farmland! Of course, by that time, the Midwest was largely settled, and the area with land available was the dry western plains.

    I love the way you got one of those old-style wooden grain elevators in the background, the same style as was on the North Dakota stamp a few years ago.